Mixing A Little Politics by The Acceptable Digest

Mixing A Little Politics by The Acceptable Digest

I published my first blog post on September 22, 2008 on WordPress and shortly thereafter on blogger before ending up here at Grumpy Opinions where I post regularly.  Throughout, I have met many wonderful patriots whom I have come to admire and many of whom I consider friends.

During the past decade, many fellow bloggers who have given their all have moved on to other ventures while others are no longer with us today.

Acknowledging the energy, heart, good times, not so good times and frustrations that goes into blogging, while I understand, I am saddened when a patriot closes the lid to his or her laptop and walks away.  Many even though they are no longer blogging continue to follow day to day events and the observations of bloggers they’ve met along the way while others transition to another topic as in the case of patriot, friend and fellow blogger, Steve Pini of Cry and Howl.

Steve is one of the first people that I met a decade ago after starting PUMABydesign001’s Blog.  He is a Christian, proud American, brilliant and whether he knows it or not, I am thrilled that Steve is still blogging today. At his new blog site, The Acceptable Digest (make a note of it, please and do follow), our fellow patriot will not dab as much into politics. Instead, Steve will share his thoughts on faith with maybe a dash of politics here and there.

The Acceptable Digest

Like a lot of folks who run primarily Christian based blogs, I try not to venture out too much into politics. For about ten years I owned two political blogs which were pretty popular, one visited by people from over 186 countries. A couple of my articles were highlighted at the Canada Free Press and the Post & Email. But a while back I pretty much lost interest in writing about political stuff and my little wife encouraged me to start a “spiritual blog” (her terminology) though I still don’t write much.

With all that’s been happening since the 2016 presidential election and Donald Trump winning I felt like writing some stuff as I look back to before the 2016 election …

When Donald Trump was running his campaign I have to admit he was not my first choice. I actually voted for Ted Cruz in the Texas primary. Donald Trump won the Republican nomination. From that point I supported him 100%. Yeah, Mr. Trump did some unsavory stuff (perhaps he was accused of more than he actually did, who knows?) in his past. I felt we were not voting for a pastor or a spiritual leader, but for someone who could possibly restore some of the Christian values which have been decimated through the last few presidencies. I watched Barack Obama carefully and I knew this nation could not stand another four to eight years of his policies and corruption[…]

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For those who have wondered about Steve, now you know where to touch base with our fellow patriot and for those not so familiar, pay our friend a visit at his new blog, The Acceptable Digest, introduce yourself or follow his twitter handle here:  Steve.


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