NYC’s Communist Mayor Puts Rolling Peacekeepers in Dangerous Areas

NYC’s Communist Mayor Puts Rolling Peacekeepers in Dangerous Areas

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@Sara Noble

The Communist New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio aka Warren Wilhelm has added a Progressive policing policy in the city which had 20 shootings over July 4th alone. He has added peacekeepers who will roll around in large buses in dangerous, crime-ridden areas.

The large buses will carry trauma counselors and peacekeepers as we see in Iraq. These mobile trauma units cost $1.8 million and $875,000 of taxpayer money each year to maintain. Money is no object for Mayor de Blasio when it’s other peoples’ money.

The buses will roll around in high-violence areas.

The peacekeepers won’t be able to tell police anything but they will get in the way of police doing their job. Counselors and peacekeepers will literally get in between police and criminals.

Source: Independent Sentinel.


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