The Glory of Timely Leftist Overreach

The Glory of Timely Leftist Overreach


Source: Univ. of Houston, public domain

Unhinged, the Marxist elites and enemies of the Republic continue to throw everything at President Donald J. Trump but nothing sticks and just when you thought that Progressives could sink no lower or that their wave of mass insanity is finally bottoming out, they show the world a thing or two by tripling down on the Democratic Party’s legacy of hate, violence, bigotry, lynchings, hypocrisy, coercion, clichés and emotional instability.

Case in point, last month’s (June) ghastly attacks against the President and anyone remotely connected to the 45th President of the United States:

While the tip of the iceberg, the endgame of exploits by the left and NeverTrumpers are to regain power, delegitimize and eventually unseat a sitting President who in spite of these efforts pushes on in his quest, long story short to Make America Great Again. While I do not agree with everything Trump is doing, there is no denying that the President is WINNING.  See:  Breitbart’s Media Fail: Trump’s Approval Rating Improved During Manufactured Border Outrage.

Agree or not, the Communist media complex, their comrades in the DC swamp and across the country including the flailing NeverTrump movement of self-anointed Conservatives of yesterday, Barack Obama’s shadow government/army of rabid trust fund babies et al., the Democratic Party continues to expand upon the party of Jim Crow’s dark legacy.

As chronicled below…because theirs is that sense of entitlement:

The American Spectator by Dov Fischer (excerpt)

…In 1972 Richard Nixon was seeking a second presidential term, and he should have lost big. To set the moment in time: The Watergate break-in happened mid-June 1972, five months before the Presidential election. There was no Fox News or Rush Limbaugh in those days, and the Democrats had plenty of time to cook Nixon over Watergate. To the degree that Nixon would gain plaudits for extricating from Vietnam, that did not happen until March 29, 1973, so that did not meaningfully impact November 1972. Likewise, to the degree that Nixon would win eternal thanks from several demographics for racing to Israel’s defense during the Yom Kippur War — well, that also happened a year after the 1972 reelection effort. And there just was something about the public Nixon that made him hard to like if you did not know him personally. Liberals could not stand him. Conservatives knew that we could not trust him. With the exception of his naming William Rehnquist, he made terrible Supreme Court picks, imposed wage-and-price controls, was more focused on détente with Brezhnev and rapprochement with Communist China than with authentically conservative principles. And yet, by golly, he won the presidency with the biggest landslide of all time. How was that possible? Because the Dems, smelling GOP blood in the water, overplayed their hands and went with the most radical left candidate they could find, George McGovern[…]

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