DNC Posts Their July 4 Message About How Horrible Everything Is

DNC Posts Their July 4 Message About How Horrible Everything Is

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The Democrat [Socialist/Communist] Party is finally being honest — they admit they are a Socialist Party. Socialists and Communists are welcomed to join and run as Democrats and have been doing exactly that. As the chairman Tom Perez told leftist radio host Bill Press, the Communist and congresswoman-elect from NY 14 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is the “future of the party“.

Some Democrats are starting to worry about revealing who they are. To counteract the truth, some are falsely claiming most Democrats don’t see Socialists/Communists as the future of the party. However, their actions belie their words.

In a recent NY Times article, the Democrat Party elders made it clear they didn’t have a problem with the leftist views espoused by Ocasio-Cortez, just the fact that she is unrealistic about what they can get done with the Republicans in charge.

Does anyone doubt they want open borders, destruction of the Constitution, and a massive big government with high taxes and heavy regulations?

This is your future in the angry Democrat Party, the party of Socialism and identity politics. At least they are finally being honest.

The DNC issued their July 4th — Independence Day — message. It is a gloomy one of oppression, struggle, racism, and identity politics. It’s all they can offer. Their Marxist values are under attack and they are worried.

Full statement from the DNC:

“Nearly two and a half centuries ago, a band of patriots gathered in Philadelphia to declare that ‘all men are created equal.’ Our nation has changed dramatically since those words were first written on parchment. Generations of brave Americans – from service members to civil rights activists – have fought to expand the promise of equality for more Americans and move our country forward in its march toward a more perfect union[…]

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