From My CP: Who Gets To Decide

From My CP: Who Gets To Decide

Unified Patriots by Nessa

There’s a strange hot, shiny thing up in the sky today, I dimly remember it but its been a while since I’ve seen it.  The last two weeks have varied from drizzly to drenching downpour to hail, then did the same thing the next day.  And the next.  I dumped three inches of rain out of the rain gauge last Thursday and four more on Monday.  The weeds in the garden are shading out the tomatoes and I can’t even walk into it without sinking in above my ankles.  I was about to start searching the internet for predictions of Globull Flooding. It’s not supposed to rain again til Saturday, so much for a night out Honky Tonkin’ on Friday.  I’ll be crawling around killing my back, hips and knees pulling damn weeds.

I can live with that, unlike the leftist enemies of everything good and right about America.  They’re contemplating full blown revolution because Trump gets another Supreme Court appointment.  I remember the hopelessness I felt daily as the hobnailed boot of Barak the muslim communist pressed my face into the street, I can empathize with the leftist wacko communist bastards, it warms the cockles of my tiny little grinch heart to see them suffer like this.  “OMG!!!!!!!!!!!  We will not be able to slaughter innocent babies in the womb anymore!  The Nazi’s are taking over.”  It makes me rub my hands and chuckle with evil glee, like a magnificently bearded Dr Evil watching his laser bearing sharks.

I’ve got some special music for y’all tonight.  Whitey Morgan and the 78’s were just invited to perform at “The Mother Church of Country Music.”  That doesn’t mean the grand ol’ opry, it means the Ryman Theater in Nashville, where the Opry used to perform, before they sinned.  I’ve played Whitey for y’all before, he’s the grandson of Kentucky hillbillies who moved to Detroit after WWII to get jobs in the auto factories.  Detroit used to have a burgeoning country music scene.  Whitey started singing in 2005, outlaw country music in the style of the outlaw himself,  Waylon Jennings.  Like Waylon, Willie, DAC and the other outlaws Whitey tours at a pace comparable to running from the law.  Well, its payin’ off.  Its nice to see one of my heroes getting some well earned props and rakin’ in some bucks.  Lord knows everybody could use some of that.  Let’s start with Whitey covering an old Townes Van Zandt tune, “Waitin’ Round To Die.”

When I was a kid the radio was a constant companion, one of our few connections with the rest of America, that and the three tv channels we got if the antenna was pointed the right way. AM was pretty reliable, late at night driving the tractor across countless acres I could even pull in stations from St Louis or Chicago. If the weather was just right during daylight I could get FM country music from Pipestone MN, 25 miles away. Paul Harvey was a staple, “The Rest of the Story” was a favorite. Then one day I heard Paul Harvey was an advocate of selective breeding for humans. I went to the google of those late seventies days, my high school library and searched the micro-fiche records. It turns out it was true. He believed the human race was degenerating and felt the only hope for it was selective breeding as practiced by farmers on sheep, hogs and cattle for millennia. Even at my tender age I was less than enamored with humanity in general but then a thought occurred to me[…]

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