Red Hen owner followed Sanders, family to another restaurant to continue heckling.

Red Hen owner followed Sanders, family to another restaurant to continue heckling.

Stephanie Wilkinson, Owner of The Red Hen, Lexington, Virginia

As if she hadn’t done enough harm,  Stephanie Wilkinson, owner of The Red Hen in Lexington who kicked White House Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, out of her restaurant the other night because Sanders worked for President Donald J. Trump decided she wanted to compound the offense by protesting Sanders.

Wilkinson organized a group of people to protest Sanders and the President’s policies outside the restaurant across the street where the family went to have dinner after being kicked out of The Red Hen.   The lynch mob proceeded to behave like the assholes that they are by screaming, shouting, cursing outside the restaurant protesting Sanders unbeknownst to the protesters had gone home and disturbing customers inside  having dinner.

One of the family members came outside to inform the Marxist jackasses that Sanders having had enough had gone home.  She then lambasted Wilkinson and lynch mob for their behavior.  As told by Mike Huckabee, “most of her husband’s family members – not her parents in-law – are “liberal,” and “one of them walked out and said, ‘Look, I don’t like Trump. I’m not a supporter, I’m considered liberal, but you guys are embarrassing me, and you’re not helping the cause.”

Marxist elites like Wilkinson may not be “helping the cause” of Communists but they’re doing a bang up job of exposing their agenda to the nation.


Mike Huckabee tells unreported part of Red Hen story. Owner had family followed to new restaurant for more harassment

Enter that horrible unhinged witch, Maxine Waters who pours gasoline on to the fire every chance she gets. Waters is a menace to society.



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