President Has a Big Win at SCOTUS That Infuriates the Left

President Has a Big Win at SCOTUS That Infuriates the Left

United States Supreme Court Building

The President had a big win on the so-called ‘Muslim travel ban’ thanks to a Supreme Court ruling today. Free speech also won today at SCOTUS. It’s a loss for the hard-left who are infuriated.

Travel Ban Upheld

In a victory for President Trump, the Supremes have upheld the travel ban, misnamed the ‘Muslim travel ban.’

It was never a Muslim travel ban and it’s no different from anything other presidents have done. The hard-left resistance is suing Trump on every possible issue and using it to demonize him. This one was used to claim Trump is an Islamophobe.

The Supremes upheld the ban. The state of Hawaii and three residents and a far-left Muslim group challenged the new restrictions. A far-left Obama judge blocked enforcement.

It was a 5-4 ruling. It is a big win after 15 months of legal battles over a key part of the policy.

The left claimed falsely that it was a Muslim ban even though many Muslim countries were not involved. The countries banned — temporarily — are terror-sponsoring nations former presidents Obama and Bush had banned[…]

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