I am but one of thousands who have pointed out the hypocrisy of the left’s feigned outrage but very real assault on President Donald J. Trump over illegal alien children.  The President’s actions, with the exception of enforcing the law on the books, is no different than that of his two predators, correction predecessors (although factions and family members in their corners are behaving like predators).

Matt Drudge set Twitter on fire yesterday with this one tweet and the statement: “And no one on cable shed a tear!”

WND by Joe Kovacs

The popular online news hound posted an image of the front page of his Drudge Report on Wednesday which displayed the screaming headlines “OBAMA KEPT THEM IN CAGES” and “WRAPPED THEM IN FOIL” in connection with a photo of migrant children taken into custody during Obama’s term in office.

His personal message above the image stated: “And no one on cable shed a tear!”

The post was retweeted more than 5,000 times and had close to 8,000 likes.

Drudge linked to a Daily Caller article titled: “Here are the photos of Obama’s illegal immigrant detention facilities the media won’t show you.”

The article states: “The media and political class become more and more outraged over the Trump administration’s decision to detain and prosecute immigrants illegally crossing the border[…]

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[Note: At the time (06:30 a.m. – 06/21/2018) that I took the screenshot Drudge’s tweet (above), there were 8.3 retweets, 12,000 likes.  By 07:02 a.m. -06/21/2018, retweets were up to at 8.4 with 12,000 likes[???] (Twitter is obviously tinkering with the algorithms to this tweet).]

Below is a link to the article referenced by Matt Drudge in his tweet.  You’re going to love the evidence of the hypocrisy that has sunk to an all new low.



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