Texas Councilman who accused officer of racial profiling recants after bodycam footage surfaces

Texas Councilman who accused officer of racial profiling recants after bodycam footage surfaces

McKinney, Texas Councilman La’Shadion Shemwell

Because far too many of my Black neighbors and people I run into see everything through the lens of race, I am always cutting someone off in the middle of a discussion to inform them that not everything is racist.

As bad as it is, tapping everything as racist is even worse when an elected official pulls the race card at the flick of a hat knowing full darned well that race has nothing to do with the issue at hand as in the case of McKinney, Texas Councilman La’Shadion Shemwell.

The Councilman was pulled over last month for driving 20 mph over the speed limit.  Shemwell, an alleged radical bureaucrats levied allegations of racial profiling against the officer who pulled him over causing an uproar from the usual suspects.  Then came the bodycam footage proving that the law enforcement officer did not pull Shemwell over because he is “Black with dreadlocks.”

Not only did Shemwell, who may have expected special treatment receive ticket for speeding, he received a ticket for not “having an updated address on his license.”  Oops!

The Blaze by Sarah Taylor

…Shemwell admitted to KXAS-TV that upon watching the footage of his arrest, he was argumentative and “combative” with the officer.

“I do feel like I played more of a role in being combative about my ticket than I initially thought,” he said, adding, “I was upset. I’m still upset. I’m still frustrated. But do I want to make him out to be a racial profiler? I don’t know.”

What happened then?

A day after initially speaking to the Texas outlets, Shemwell shared a Facebook video reversing course on his story once again. In the video, Shemwell doubled down on his initial claims that the officer pulled him over because he’s a black man.

Shemwell insisted that he wasn’t speeding, and there was no way to prove that he was[…]

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Shemwell’s allegations:


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