Here Are Five Times the FBI Showed Extreme Political Bias

Here Are Five Times the FBI Showed Extreme Political Bias

The Inspector General released his report today and it concluded that there was no evidence of political bias by the FBI in the Hillary probe [although there was bias everywhere you turn]. Just quickly, we found five areas of serious political bias and we have only just begun to look at the voluminous report.

Just as an aside, the IG, Michael Horowitz, worked with Comey in the 1990s and is married to a CNN/PBS producer who was a Dukakis supporter and an Obama donor.

The DoJ ended the Clinton email probe with this investigative report by the DoJ of the DoJ.


The agents in the Office of the Inspector General were silent on whether political bias affected the Russia probe but they did NOT find bias in the probe of Clinton’s emails.

Comey himself pointed to Hillary Clinton’s guilt in his public pronouncement but claimed he didn’t know her intent so she was not culpable. That is absurd.

The report faults Comey for “insubordination” but couldn’t find any political bias. They apparently didn’t notice how they slow-walked the investigation of Anthony Weiner’s laptop.

The super spy James Comey didn’t even know Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner were married. Amazing!


Agent Peter Strzok sent a text to Lisa Page assuring her that they would stop Trump from becoming President.

“The FBI accepts that text messages exchanged over FBI-issued devices by certain FBI employees, primarily Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, demonstrated extremely poor judgment and a lack of professionalism,” the report read[…]

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