Angela Merkel, no doubt, is proud of such antics.  Claudia Roth, leader of the Green Party saw fit to interrupt a moment of silence on the floor of Germany’s parliament in honor of 14 year old,  Susanna Maria Feldmann who was raped and murdered by a 22 year old asylum seeker from Iraq.

Ali Bashar after repeatedly raping Feldmann for several hours, strangled the teen and left her body in a dump “near a railway in the city of Wiesbaden.”  He and his family then fled to Iraq. The Iraqi government flew Bashar back to Germany.

The horrific death of young Susanna Feldman is but one of the many crimes committed not just in Germany but throughout Europe as a result of open border policies propped up by the European leadership.

Elitists such as Angela Merkel and Claudia Roth continuously ignore the cries of their citizens who they consider collateral damage in pursuit of a global world order thus, allowing the innocent to be preyed upon, raped, maimed and slaughtered by Muslim savages.

Video of most shameful moment ever in German Parliament goes viral



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