NC Public School Forum’s Leader Shows His True Colors And It’s Not Pretty

NC Public School Forum’s Leader Shows His True Colors And It’s Not Pretty

Keith Poston (screenshot)

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Over the weekend, I spotted a nasty series of comments from the NC Public School Forum’s leader, Keith Poston, in an article by WBTV about a township charter school bill.

The Public School Forum is a 501(c)3 which receives public funds and Poston was paid close to $170k according to 2016 990 filings.

I took to Twitter, called Poston out on his vitriolic remarks and was treated to a response I’d have expected from my rising Second Grader. Poston showed his true colors and called me a “Troll.”

In the article at WBTV, Poston compared the bill permitting a Charlotte suburb to run its own charter schools to that of the ‘bathroom bill’ known as HB2.

Keith Poston, President of the Public School Forum of North Carolina, says NC is back in the news, but this time for lawmakers passing a bill that some say will re-segregate schools. The bill allows four predominately white towns to open their own charter schools that will be exclusively for the students who live in those towns.

“It’s going to look like that – we are embracing a return to segregation,” Poston said. “And that kind of image would be damaging, particularly at a time when we are successful right now trying to recruit some companies that have been looking the other way because of the HB2 debacle.”

There’s more. Poston is more worried about appearances to businesses, so what’s a little pre-emptive smearing of an entire town between friends, eh?

Poston worries North Carolina doesn’t need another controversial item to chase business away.

“When you are in a competitive economic development situation, everything matters,” Poston said.

First, WBTV gets it wrong. This bill doesn’t mean these schools are exclusively for kids in that town. The kids of that town get priority, but these schools would be open to anyone. That’s kind of a big difference[…]

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