Commie West Point Grad/Army Ranger Receives “Other-Than-Honorable Discharge.”

Commie West Point Grad/Army Ranger Receives “Other-Than-Honorable Discharge.”

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The West Point Army graduate and second lieutenant in the United States Army who last year posted twitter photograph(s)  of himself donning a Che Guevara t-shirt under his uniform and writing “Communism will win” posted on the inside of his hat is out.

The United States Army has processed Spenser Rapone, graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, now former second lieutenant out of the Army and self-avowed Communist with an Other-Than-Honorable (OTH) Discharge.(1) 

Update: Communist Ranger and West Pointer receives an Other Than Honorable discharge


In the summer of 2017, Rapone dropped out of Ranger School after he repeatedly clashed with the chain of command.  SOFREP at the time reported that Rapone was often “disrespectful to senior NCOs and Officers, culminating in telling his Battalion Commander that he does not agree with the United States’ military actions overseas.”

According to SOFREP, Rapone failed “all three of the graded patrols he was given during the FTX,” the result of which is to inform the student of his failure further informing the student that he would be held over (“recycled”) to join the next class for a second go around.  Rapone made his disapproval known in a manner unbecoming as witnessed by two First Seregeants who informed the self-avowed Communist that due to his insubordination, they would recommend that Rapone be dropped from the course.

No. Rapone’s response when going before the board?  “There’s no fucking way I failed that patrol.”

Career over.  Not yet. Rapone’s Battle Commander reached out to the self-avowed Communist eventually deciding to give the student a second chance.  FAIL.  It appears that Rapone was more interested in becoming that failure that bucked the system(2).


SOFREP Exclusive: West Point grad and social media Communist quit Ranger School after sharing political beliefs with command


Rapone’s social media presence reflects the above along with his references of his then Commander, Donald J. Trump, as a “fascist;” and as for others serving in the U. S. Military, Rapone stated that they “lust for war and conflict. They fetishize violence….” and that West Point is a “bastion of reactionary politics and imperialist violence.”


The plot to destroy America from within…

Under Barack Obama, the Communist reared its ugly head from within the Oval Office and in so doing, declared an all out war to disarm Americans, unleashed every branch of the federal government who like rabid pitbulls converged upon Christians, Jews, non-ideologues, pro-lifers, Conservatives, Independents, Libertarians and Constitutionalists.

There is an urgency by Communists to purge American literature, our monuments, our history, the liberties of every American and replace God, honor and family values with failed social engineering policies, behavior modification, political correctness, groupthink and a government that subverts the will of the people.

Americans are witnessing the biggest threat looming on U. S. soil i,e., Communism and its plot to destroy America from within our borders through the infiltration of our educational institutions, our churches, local, state, federal branches of government, the U. S. Military and our intelligence agencies.  Case in point: The Communist media complex, Eric Holder, John Brennan, James Clapper, James Comey, Peter Strzok, Andrew McCabe, Sally Yates, Robert Mueller, Andrew Weissman, Lisa Page and Rod Rosenstein to name a few.

Obama, whose war chest included the use of every form of identity politics, proceeded to the politicize  American intelligence agencies against we the people. He weakened U. S. defenses around the world and on U. S. soil while at the same time redistributing the nation’s wealth to the United Nations and Communist countries around the world (the reason behind the endless hizzy fits of world leaders over President Donald J. Trump’s tariff policies.)

“NSA contractor Reality Winner and Army officer Spencer Rapone are emblematic of the insider communist threat….”

There are plenty others, Spenser Rapone and Reality Winner were as pointed out of the ones stupid enough to get caught.

The calls are coming from inside the house: America’s communist insider threat



Communist West Point Grad Is Antifa, Mentored by Islamist


We must remain vigilant.

“Used with permission from the SOFREP website, a service of SOFREP, Inc.” 



(1) According to“In most cases, veterans who receive an other-than-honorable discharge cannot re-enlist in the Armed Forces or reserves, except under very rare circumstances. Veterans benefits are not usually available to those discharged through this type of discharge(H/t PJ Media.)

(2) Speaking of “bucking the system,” on July 5, 2018, Rapone now a hero amongst fellow Marxist ideologues whose goal is the total destruction of the U. S. Constitution will speak at Socialism 2018 Conference in Chicago along with another former Ranger, Marxist ideologue Rory Fanning.  The title of the discussion, A War Resister in the Ranks.


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