WHAT? AG Sessions REFUSES to bring charges against Dems IT Aides, the Awan Brothers

WHAT? AG Sessions REFUSES to bring charges against Dems IT Aides, the Awan Brothers

And we have yet ANOTHER reason to demand that Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, resign, i.e., his refusal to bring charges against Abid, Imran, and Jamal Awan, Pakistani IT aides hired by Democrats.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz sought to cover up the wrongdoings of Imran Awan who for more than a decade hacked Congressional servers, downloaded government data onto USB drives and presented the data to the Pakistani government and intel. So emboldened, Awan bragged that he had the “keys to the kingdom.” Thus, it is unfathomable that under President Donald J. Trump whose priority is draining the swamp that AG Sessions would double down on his betrayal of the President by not bringing charges against the Awan Brothers.

Take into account that according to the findings of The Daily Caller Foundation’s Luke Rosiak, the cover up of the hacking began at the same time that Democrats were spinning the Russian narrative. Yes, ANOTHER thread directly linking Democrats to the fake Russian narrative.

If unable to view above video, you can view it here or here.


STUNNING: AWOL Attorney General Jeff Sessions REFUSES to Bring Charges Against Pakistani Awan Brothers (VIDEO)

H/t National Sentinel.

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