Facebook Hired “Real News” Reporters, Guess Who They Enlisted From Fox

Facebook Hired “Real News” Reporters, Guess Who They Enlisted From Fox

Facebook execs have said that it is not a media company, but they have hired a CIO from a large media conglomerate. Atish Banerjea, formerly CIO of NBCUniversal. He has replaced Tim Campos and he is well on the left politically. Facebook’s also hiring a slew of journalists from various stations to cover their news programs. Guess who they picked from Fox News!

They picked the angry gay leftist Shep Smith who runs an hour-long tirade against Trump every afternoon on his Fox ‘News’ show.

Facebook wants ‘diverse’ anchors so they graciously selected one from Fox News to dish out “real news”.

The social-media giant announced Wednesday that it is fully funding original news content for its video service, known as Watch, by producing shows from seven partners and hosted by Anderson Cooper of CNN, Shepard Smith of Fox News and Jorge Ramos of Univision among others.

Jorge is a great choice for the open borders crowd. He is a firm believer in the concept of a no-border USA. He’s a covert Reconquista.

The shows will feature live breaking news, daily news briefings, and some weekly series, according to Variety.

This follows the very real shutting down of conservatives on social media. Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube. Facebook keeps hiring more and more of the fact checkers to shut down the right. George Soros is funding Facebook’s censorship of the so-called ‘fake news’.

HuffPo just did a piece on Shep and suggested he is the future of Fox News. In it, Shep was quoted putting down the Fox commentators. He claimed he is a real journalist and corrects their fake news on his show. In truth, Shep’s anti-right, period. He has often given inaccurate information on air and is not reliable[…]

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