Britain’s Grooming Gangs: A Story Set in Leafy Oxfordshire

Britain’s Grooming Gangs: A Story Set in Leafy Oxfordshire

Source: BBC's 3-Pt. Series "THREE GIRLS"  Screenshot
Source: BBC’s 3-Pt. Series “THREE GIRLS”  Screenshot

What does it say about a system, built on the lie, “we’re from the government and we’re here to help,” a system that repeatedly smites the hands of that country’s most vulnerable permitting the recurrent victimization by savages who prey on young boys, girls and women?

After all, it’s not their daughters who fall victim to Muslim savages.

For some, an inconvenient truth ~

Reports are that the grooming gang are Asian males. Official talking points omit their Muslim heritage, however, mugshots and descriptions provided by their victims indicate that the perpetrators are Pakistani men..of Muslim heritage.


Newcastle grooming gang


Rochdale grooming gang


Oxford grooming gang


Authorities knew, ignored it and then covered it up.  To make it go away (on the surface), the British government has stated that it will incarcerate anyone who reports about its problem with grooming gangs, the trials, etc…without due process.

In the meantime, for grooming gangs across the UK, it is business as usual.

Gatestone Institute by Douglas Murray

Since the arrest of Tommy Robinson on May 25, the presence generally — and incorrectly — referred to as ‘Asian grooming gangs’ has been back in the news. This has reignited a debate about whether victims are getting justice and whether perpetrators are encountering it.

In all this at least one key element is missing. What price has been paid, is being paid, or might be paid at some stage, by all those public officials who tacitly or otherwise allowed these modern-day atrocities to go on, doing nothing to stop them? The policemen, politicians, council workers and others who were shown to have failed time and again. They have never been sentenced to prison for any of their oversights — and perhaps criminal charges (not even charges of criminal negligence) could never be brought against them. It is worth asking, however, if any of these people’s lives, career paths, or even pension plans were ever remotely affected by their proven failure to confront one of the greatest evils to have gone on in Britain. That is the mass rape of young girls motivated by adults propelled by (among much else) racism, religiosity, misogyny and class contempt.

Perhaps the post grooming-gang career of just one public official might help to answer that question. Her name is Joanna Simons. In 2013 she was the Chief Executive of the Oxfordshire County Council[…]

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