Stephen Miller: Big Summer Fight w/Left Brewing over Open Borders

Stephen Miller: Big Summer Fight w/Left Brewing over Open Borders

Once again, Communists are on the wrong side of history but as history has proven, that does little to stop them as in the case of illegal immigration.  No matter how much damage illegal immigration does to the nation and the citizenry, for the left, it is all about future Communist voters (not Democratic but Communist, call them by that which they are).

Communists plan on making illegal immigration and open borders their hallmark agenda heading into the 2018 mid-term elections while dismissing the interests of Americans and threats to life, body and limb of Americans and legal immigrants as a result of Barack Obama’s open borders’ policy.

Fortunately for the nation, there is someone in Washington, D.C. who is in touch and on the side of Americans, i.e., President Donald J. Trump.

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Breitbart News by John Binder

The White House is gearing up for a big fight this summer with the Democratic party’s open borders lobby, says Stephen Miller, senior adviser to President Donald Trump.

In an exclusive, hour-long interview with Breitbart News, Miller describes a Trump administration that has a clear strategy heading into this year’s midterm elections.

On Immigration Leading the Midterms

As Breitbart News has reported, GOP midterm voters and swing voters have consistently ranked immigration as the most important issue to them, with the majority favoring Trump’s plan to reduce legal immigration levels to raise Americans’ wages….

“The big fight this summer is going to be with the open borders Democratic caucus in Congress,” Miller tells Breitbart News.

“That is the fundamental political contrast and political debate that is unfolding right now. The Democratic party is at grave risk of completely marginalizing itself from the American voters by continuing to lean into its absolutist anti-enforcement positions.”

The most recent example, Miller says, is when Democrats and pundits in the establishment media defended the violent El Salvadorian MS-13 gang after Trump called the group “animals”[…]

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