Kim Strassel Blows Away NYT’s Cover Up of Spying on Trump Campaign

Kim Strassel Blows Away NYT’s Cover Up of Spying on Trump Campaign

The New York Times story, Crossfire Hurricanethe secret origins of the Trump Investigation, published yesterday, attempted to cover up the serious crime of spying on the Trump campaign. The article was actually devastating to the former administration despite the lipstick on a pig approach by the Times. Kimberly Strassel blew up the Times piece in a series of tweets Friday.

This is outrageous and unAmerican.  The government refuses to release information to the Congress and to the public while leaking to their friendly news outlet. The culprits engaged in a cover up with their media arm as they try to get ahead of what might be a scathing report from the Inspector General for the DoJ. These people framed the President as they look for his thought crimes.

Wall Street Journal reporter/editor Kimberly Strassel wrote an explosive piece last Friday about the spying on the Trump campaign under the Obama administration. It helped blow the case apart. That undeniable, verifiable exposé led to the New York Times admitting to it in an New York Times Thursday while at the same time excusing it away.

Kimberly Strassel has responded in tweets.

She pinpoints the big takeaways from the article n these tweets, including the fact that the Times confirmed everything she said:

1. So a few important points on that new New York Times “Hurricane Crossfire” piece. A story that, BTW, all of us following this knew had to be coming. This is DOJ/FBI leakers’ attempt to get in front of the facts Nunes is forcing out, to make it not sound so bad. Don’t buy it. It’s bad[…]

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