NY Times Jumps The Shark With Their ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ Article

NY Times Jumps The Shark With Their ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ Article

The New York Times has quite a piece out today. It’s a masterful work of bull combined with facts about the Trump-Russia probe. The Times admits the truth — to some degree — about the origins of the investigation. At the same time, they exonerate the guilty left and bash the very real victims on the right. Sadly, their admirers will buy into it completely.

The Times 100 percent jumps the shark with this article but will their Trump-hating followers pick up on it?

If you will notice, there is zero accountbility for anyone on the left.

In July 2016, as the tale goes, agents pursued the most secretive mission in the FBI history. They went to London to meet with Alexander Downer who said he had evidence that a Trump official knew about the Hillary Clinton email hacking by Russians. The person is a member of the Trump campaign and he knew prior to the hacking [which is not true of course].

The nickname of this top secret and asinine mission is ‘Crossfire Hurricane’. The object of their mission was to meet with dupe George Papadopoulos as well as Downer. George is the man named by Alexander Downer who gave him the information while drunk.

This could have been the Strzok insurance policy to take down Donald Trump.

I love the Rolling Stones and the song that includes the lyrics ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ for which this mission was named, but the entire investigation is a bad joke. These agents are the Keystone Kops if they believed it, and are totally corrupt if it was part of their coup d’état[…]

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