What? No outrage over Kerry’s not so secret meetings on JCPOA?

What? No outrage over Kerry’s not so secret meetings on JCPOA?

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A few days ago, Marc Thiessen wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post (yes, WP) is calling out the double-standard of which we have become so familiar.

John Kerry who met last week twice with Iran’s foreign minister hoping to sabotage President Donald J. Trump’s withdrawal from JCPOA is not being called into account for openly undermining the agenda of the President of the United States.

The lack of outrage is the ugly proof of just how low bureaucrats, the deep state, Communist media complex, pundits and many Americans have sunken.

Washington Post

…So where is the outrage over revelations that former secretary of state John Kerry held not one but two secret meetings with Iran’s foreign minister to strategize over how to undermine President Trump’s plans to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal?

An Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman confirmed the meetings after the Boston Globe broke the news, declaring , “We don’t see the U.S. just as Mr. Trump; the United States is not just the current ruling administration.” Think about what this means. Iran is a terrorist state responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Americans in Iraq, whose leaders hold rallies where thousands chant “Death to America!” Kerry was working with a sworn enemy of the United States to try to undermine the foreign policy of the elected president of the United States….

Kerry’s meetings with Iran’s leaders were not isolated incidents, but part of a formal lobbying campaign that included phone calls with European Union leaders and meetings with the presidents of Germany and France[…]

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It does not matter that Kerry failed nor does it matter that he is now a private citizen.  He is a member of the resistance dedicated to blocking the President’s agenda.  Furthermore, his actions were as bold as they were wrong.

On a personal note, I believe that Kerry should be dragged in on his knees cuffed and wearing leg irons.  Treat him like the thug that he is, while at the same time sending the message that eight years of lawlessness by the Obama administration is over.

Let these lawless thugs know that actions taken against a legally elected President by the administration of Barack Obama’s shadow government will be dealt with harshly.

Now is as good a time as any to send the message since Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hossein Jaberi Ansari has warned that if the President doesn’t reconsider, Iran will expose the names of “western officials” who took bribes to make JCPOA happen.

Conspiracy No More- Iran threatens to expose American Politicians who took Bribes

H/t NWO Report.


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