4 All Old Folks around the Globe Part 7 on dates and times on the Journey of Life

4 All Old Folks around the Globe Part 7 on dates and times on the Journey of Life

Every now and then I visit the blog of an old friend, Ike Jakson, a Dutchman living in South Africa.  We met in the blogosphere about a decade ago.

Sir Ike my name for the friend whom I have never met in person, does not write as often as he used to due to health constrainsts but whenever and whatever he has to say is worth checking out.

Source: Pixabay.

Jaksonian Philosophy

I have written on Life as a Journey:


 on Cycles and Circles on time in History of our Journey:


And last for today, have a final look at:


So, really, when are we ever old enough to be classified as Old?  When our daughter was in her mid thirties she did not understand that I called that the adolescent period with Adulthood starting at 40 …

On her 39th birthday I wrote:


…. and I left it at that but on her 40th birthday I wrote her:


to welcome her to adulthood to which she replied [and her reply told me she had made it and was quite safe then] 


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Here’s to you, Sir Ike.  Stay safe and stay well.


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