NBC News Blasts Out ‘New Big Ideas’ Dems Are Grabbing Onto for 2020

NBC News Blasts Out ‘New Big Ideas’ Dems Are Grabbing Onto for 2020

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An NBC News article by Benjy Sarlin, blasts out the Democrat platform right from the title, ‘Liberal ideas move from fringe to front-burner for Democrats’. This is their idea of ‘New Big Ideas’.

The hard-left, in other words, is no longer fringe. The Democrat platform is embracing the fringe. We’re not saying that here at the Sentinel, NBC News is.

They call themselves Progressives, but by now, people realize Progressives are leftists, Communists, Socialists and even Communist Anarchists. Liberals have joined them, making them ever more dangerous. Their platform seeks to churn out old Communist ideas as “NEW BIG IDEAS”.


Universal Healthcare

Admitting there are gaps in the proposals, the bottom-line is they will promote univeral healthcare — Medicare For All. How they will pay for it is obvious since they are already boasting of their goal to raise taxes and eliminate all tax cuts. It won’t cover everyone unless everyone who pays federal taxes wants to give up half their income or more.

The most far-reaching legislation, favored by Sanders and co-sponsored by 17 Democratic colleagues, would create a massive single payer system that replaces private insurance with a more generous version of Medicare.

Other bills would allow individuals and, in some cases, employers to buy into a Medicare plan, which would compete with private sector options, and expand subsidies in the Affordable Care Act to help finance coverage. That of course can’t work and is merely a stopgap towards Single Payer since no insurance company can compete with the government’s bottomless purse. We already tried it under Obamacare and they all failed.

The author admits the overall direction is clear: A robust, universally available, government health care plan.

Democrats are no longer hiding their goal of Medicare For All. They simply want to find the best path forward[…]

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