Candace Owens Takes on Linda Sarsour And Terrorists

Candace Owens Takes on Linda Sarsour And Terrorists


Not one elected Democrat was on hand in Jerusalem today to celebrate what has long been fact — Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Candace Owens noted the fact on Twitter.

Many on the left tried to make the opening of the embassy into a negative but we have Candace Owens fighting some of them.


Candace Owens took on the unAmerican Linda Sarsour who echoed Mitt Romney’s criticism of Pastor Robert Jeffers. The pastor was chosen to give the opening prayer in Jerusalem today and had in the past said people of other religions will not go to heaven and Mormanism is a cult. The pastor believes only Evangelicals will go to heaven much as all other religions believe only their believers will go to heaven.

She told the leftist Sarsour, “You’re an anti-American mouthpiece that was given a platform by people that wish harm upon this country. Your time is coming to an end”[…]

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