#WCPSS Board Pension for Supt Runs Afoul of State Law; May Cost Taxpayers over $350k

#WCPSS Board Pension for Supt Runs Afoul of State Law; May Cost Taxpayers over $350k

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The Wake County School Board is yet again putting the county’s taxpayers over a barrel.

This time the board is facing a self-created problem due to lack of planning:
Former Superintendent Jim Merrill’s excessive pension of $180,036 per year.

But wait, the Wake school board’s latest screw up may end up costing taxpayers a LOT more than that.  What a clown show.

Read the opening paragraphs of this debacle at the News and Observer; emphasis added:

Former Wake County Schools Superintendent Jim Merrill’s retirement could cost county taxpayers an additional $350,000 as the school system fights the state over whether the pension was spiked.

Merrill, 67, retired as superintendent on March 1 and is now receiving a state pension of $180,036 a year, according to state records. The State Treasurer’s Office billed the Wake school system $351,992 to cover part of Merrill’s pension, saying it runs afoul of a state cap on how much it will pay in pensions for high-paid employees.

So, the Wake school board approved something they couldn’t afford or pay for? That’s what this says.  UNPOSSIBLE! 


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