CNN’s April Ryan swings at Sarah Huckabee Sanders and misses

CNN’s April Ryan swings at Sarah Huckabee Sanders and misses

Last week CNN race-baiting Commie propagandist, April Ryan, accused White House Press Secretary of “getting (or going) street” during an exchange in which Ryan told Sanders that she was “blindsided” a statement made the night before on Fox News Hannity.

Sanders denied being blindsided.  April doubled down in a kind of “yeah, yeah, yeah, you were blindsided” prompting Sanders to set the record straight by informing Ryan, “Well, with all due respect, you actually don’t know much about me in terms of what I feel and what I don’t.”

The result was Sanders checkmating Ryan, who is often disrespectful to the White House Press Secretary putting the propagandist in her place.  See exchange below:

Mean Girls Part 2:  Once a hood rat, always a hood rat.

April Ryan’s response to the exchange is that Sanders “got street” or something to that effect on her.  It would appear that it is the race baiter who behaved like a moronic thug.  Ryan, as expected, took her racist views to twitter making much to do about nothing where she found a willing partner to help Ryan pedal her lies.

Media Equalizer by Martin Walsh

After the briefing, The Daily Caller’s Amber Athey uploaded a screenshot of Ryan’s tweets, where she appears to be implying that Sanders’ comments could result in a fist fight in Baltimore by someone saying “you don’t know me.”

“She needs to know what she is saying,” Ryan tweeted. “Take off that pretty ring to fornthe street fight.”

Stephanie, the mayor of Baltimore — apparently Ryan’s friend — wrote back: “I already took my earrings off and Vaseline in my purse….”

Then, Ryan appeared on Don Lemon’s show later on Thursday and again suggested that Sanders’ comments implied a physical altercation[…]

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Ryan is a profiteer.  She’s creating a situation that is non-existent and since it is non-existent except in Ryan’s head, it is…wait for it. It is FAKE NEWS.


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