Why Aliens and Frogs Should Not Breed.

Why Aliens and Frogs Should Not Breed.


I opened my Yahoo! browser to find the following article on the site’s homepage.  Like most of the content, it was anti-Trump and featured the particularly spooky image you see at the top of this post.  Kathy Griffin cursing up a storm on ‘The View’?  Why is this news???  Another angry Progressive with a microphone hating on the folks:

Kathy Griffin curses up a storm on ABC’s ‘The View’ during profane Trump rant

I guess that this title of the article did not surprise me (she hasn’t been heard from since she last held a Donald Trump bloody mask in her hand – smooth career move there Kathy old girl).  What did take me back a ‘wee bit’ was the photo which accompanied the article. Yes, the very photo you see above.  Between the fluorescent pink palms, the Strawberry hair, sketched-in eyebrows, and that ‘Kermit the Frog’ collar around her neck, what the heck was I looking at?


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