Lisa Page Resigns from FBI

Lisa Page Resigns from FBI

How can one can always tell when things are getting a little too close for comfort in the swamp? The rats immediately head for the exits.

FBI official, Lisa Page, who was former FBI directors, James Comey and Andrew McCabe’s legal advisor is resigning.

In addition, Comey confidante and NeverTrumper, James Baker resigned on Friday.   The odds exist that Baker, a globalist who was re-assigned demoted re-assigned earlier this year by the present FBI Director, Christopher Wray, for allegedly leaking classified information to the press will align with fellow retired spooks leading the resistance and plotting to take down President Donald Trump.

The Hill by Jesse Byrnes

Baker told the newspaper in an interview that he would be joining the Brookings Institution to write for its Lawfare blog, which is focused on national security.

The FBI official was reportedly investigated as part of a Justice Department review into the potential sharing of classified information with reporters, though he has not been charged.

Page, meanwhile, has been the focus of GOP ire in recent months after text messages emerged between herself and another FBI official in which they criticized President Trump and other political figures….

Comey told the Times in a statement on his departure that Baker “represents the best of the Department of Justice and the F.B.I”[…]

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Official talking points:  The resignations of Page and Baker are unrelated.  Both Page and Baker are globalists, NeverTrumpers who believe that it is their job to save the American people from the President and themselves.  They like dirty cops, James Comey, Andrew McCabe and others believe that their loyalty is to a “higher calling,” i.e., their own.

The resignations of both individuals are related. Swamp rats are merely covering their asses while re-positioning the pieces on the chessboard.

When is a retired spook truly retired?

I suspect the answer to be, when they are dead.  The deep state needs a good purging.  Top secret security clearances of so-called retirees in the Department of State, Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security, etc. should be revoked immediately upon said retirement.



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