Outrageously Unreasonable Arizona Teachers Strike Is Illegal

Outrageously Unreasonable Arizona Teachers Strike Is Illegal

It is a shame that the Communist teachers’ union has such a grip on our public schools. If only someone were bold enough to do a Reagan moment.

Regardless of what they say, teachers on strike in Arizona or any of the other 50 states, are not doing this for the children. These insatiable thugs have proven to us repeatedly that they do not give a damn about the children.


Driven by insatiable greed and a leftist political agenda, the Arizona teachers strike has been wreaking havoc for parents scrambling to find day care and for seniors who thought they were going to graduate next month.

Arizona’s allegedly Republican Governor Doug Ducey, facing reelection this year, has already folded, offering teachers an outlandish 20% raise that will be a major hardship for taxpayers and that will drive up wage inflation for the public sector. The teachers walked out anyway, effectively holding their students hostage.

Whatever you give leftists, it will never be enough. They want more than money; they want to drive Ducey out of office, so they refuse to take yes for an answer. They know the liberal media will always spin the conflict in their favor, no matter how cushy their jobs or egregious their behavior[…]

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