Kent State professor charged with lying to the FBI, banned from campus

Kent State professor charged with lying to the FBI, banned from campus

Julio Pino, Professor-Kent State University

The FBI finally caught up with radical pro-Islamic State Kent State University professor, Julio Pino who has made a name for himself over the past few years.  A part of me believes that it had to take a change in the White House to get the FBI moving on something they should have dealt with years ago.

Pino’s claim to fame are his alleged attempts to indoctrinate students (nothing new for the left) into radical Islam. Pino is suspected of recruiting or attempting to gather new recruits for the Islamic State.

Fox News by Caleb Parke

A controversial Ohio college professor who has been accused of being an ISIS sympathizer was suspended and banned from campus after he was slapped with federal charges.

Julio Pino, a Kent State University associate history professor known for his fiery anti-Israel rhetoric, became the focus of a 2016 FBI investigation after he was accused of using his position on campus to influence students to support the Islamic State, FOX 8 reported.

Pino, a pro-Palestinian Muslim convert, was charged on Monday with lying to the FBI, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Northern District of Ohio.

A Kent State spokesperson told Fox News that Pino – who has worked at KSU since 1992 and specializes in Latin History and the Third World – was suspended and prohibited from entering the Kent State campus Monday after charges were filed in federal court[…]

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Of course, we’ll have to see how far the FBI takes this from here since Pino must have been on their radar for at least  three or four years.


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