Parents holding Sex Ed Sit Out on April 23rd to Protest Perverse Public School Sex Ed Curriculum

Parents holding Sex Ed Sit Out on April 23rd to Protest Perverse Public School Sex Ed Curriculum

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Tomorrow (April 23rd), parents in cities across the United States, including Charlotte, North Carolina, Austin, Texas, in Canada, Australia and London, England are engaging in a Sex Ed Sit Out.

Protesting the Perversion & Mis-Education of Our Children

Parents will keep their children out of school Monday in protest of Planned Parenthood’s involvement and its unsavory pro-sex agenda pushed in public schools across the nation.  Homosexuality, anal and oral sex, how to “masturbate one another, and question their gender,” none of which has any place in the educational system, plays a major role in the push for social justice and all of which now takes precedence in public schools over the Three R’s and history.

[SIDEBAR: About the Three R’s, social justice have replaced teaching our children reading writing and arithmetic which has been moved to the back burner. Cursive writing is non-existent and the history that is being taught in our schools presents a skewed view of America, our Founding Fathers, and the rule of law.  Lessons teaching the Bill of Rights is practically non-existent and when taught, what is being pushed as the Bill of Rights is historically incorrect. END OF SIDEBAR]

Black Community News

…Some government schools, supported by the U.S. taxpayer, allow Planned Parenthood into schools through a “sex-ed” program called “Get Real,” for example.

Why more Christian parents aren’t outraged about this is a mystery, but it’s encouraging to know some parents are taking action. From Fox News:

Many of America’s public schools are teaching youths “pornographic” subject matter these days, some parents argue, so they’re planning a “Sex Ed Sit Out” on April 23.

They want like-minded parents to keep their children at home that Monday, to send a message to local school boards and elected officials[…]

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One would expect the media to cover Monday’s Sex Ed Sit Out protest and events by outraged parents who object to their children being subjected to graphic sex education and radical LGBT gender-bending propaganda, yet such a highly newsworthy event has not registered so much as a blip on the radar of the Communist media complex.

These Concerned Parents Plan to Do Something About ‘Sex-Ed’ in Government Schools on April 23


Below is a screenshot of Sex Ed Sit Out Sponsors and Partner Organizations:


Sex Ed Sit Out Facebook page.

For those schools who continue to dismiss parents, it’s time to hit them in their checkbooks.  Send a message:

Make your voices heard.  Please sign the Sex Ed Sit Out petition here. or at CitizenGO, a pro-life organization  here.

Press Release: Frustrated Parents Turn to Grassroots Sex Ed Sit Out



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