Barbara Bush

Barbara Bush

<span style="font-size: 8pt;">Source: <a href="">US Natl. Archives</a>-Flickr</span>
Former First Lady, Barbara P. Bush Source: US Natl. Archives-Flickr

A wonderful tribute to Former First Lady, Barbara P. Bush who lived and enjoyed life on her terms and died on her own terms.  Mrs. Bush, her contribution to this nation, the world and her pearls will never be forgotten.

Nebraska Energy Observer by NEO

And now she is gone, still another of those whom, while we may have disagreed with much of what they believed. we knew that they too valued America above all things but God Himself.

Personally, I disagreed with many things she believed, not including her drive to accept us all, and her drive for literacy, but she was a figure to look up to, and I did. I also admired her sense of humor. Toni Williams at Victory Girlsreminds us of some of it.

For behind her rampart of pearls, the nation’s most self-effacing celebrity is in fact a combative politician. Always there, not far below the surface, is the Barbara Bush who briefly emerged in 1984 to denounce Geraldine Ferraro as “that $4 million—I can’t say it, but it rhymes with ‘rich.’”

Again, I thought it was funny.

“Town & Country” magazine published a list of inspirational quotes from Mrs. Bush. I found one of them very funny:

“Never ask anyone over 70 how they feel. They’ll tell you.”


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