Lost amid all the ‘noise’ over Scott Pruitt is the very real damage Obama’s EPA did to rural communities

Lost amid all the ‘noise’ over Scott Pruitt is the very real damage Obama’s EPA did to rural communities

It is just short of 500 days since President Donald J. Trump was elected to office and Progressives are still throwing tantrums and crying into their pablum.

Their behavior is so outlandish and devious that if they cannot take the President down, they will destroy every member in the President’s cabinet.  The latest target is Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt whose life is under threat 24/7.

Much of the reports about Pruitt is hardly newsworthy.  That which is worthy of mention is not reported by the Communist media complex and ignored by ideologues who oppose the reformation of the EPA, an agency that has run amok before Pruitt came aboard.

In a word, Pruitt is good for America and for globalists, therein lies the problem.

Fox News by Daniel Turner

…Pruitt and Trump issued an executive order doing away with the Obama-era Waters Of The United States (WOTUS) that sought to impose new regulations on every miniscule body of water in this country.  And Pruitt encouraged Trump to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, an accord which the UN itself admitted last year was largely symbolic, but whose damage to American businesses would have been real.

Environmental protection remains a priority: under Pruitt’s leadership, $100 million dollars have been awarded to Flint, Michigan, to upgrade the drinking water and to clean up sites contaminated with hazardous substances and pollutants – known as “Superfunds” – has been prioritized.

Pruitt’s “scandals” are exaggerated for political expediency: never mind that the Obama EPA spent just as much, if not more, than Pruitt’s team, according to a recent Fox News report.  Or that Lisa Jackson, Obama’s EPA chief, was caught using the email alias “Richard Windsor” to communicate with people outside the government. Or that one Obama-era EPA employee was caught downloading and watching pornography on the job[…]

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Examples of changes driving globalists nuts according to Pruitt’s latest tweets:

In other words, how dare Scott Pruitt place the interests of Americans first.


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