Hogg Says He Has a New Boycott Coming

Hogg Says He Has a New Boycott Coming

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David Hogg is way past his 15 minutes of fame but Twitter, being a far-left mouthpiece, put up a hashtag ‘#DavidHogg’snextboycott’ after he announced he would soon be out to get someone. Hogg has been triggered apparently.

In four days, he will be at one of the walkouts, being interviewed ad nauseum.

As an aside, his boycott of Laura Ingraham has backfired. Her viewership is up 20%.

Twitchy picked it up and wrote: Which tells you everything you need to know about why he’s pushing these boycotts. It’s not about stopping gun violence or making the country a better place, it’s about bullying people whose politics he disagrees with.

He’s a leftist Charlie McCarthy. He’s not just a “kid”, he’s out to hurt people[…]

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