Calling out narrative around arrests of two Black men at Starbucks.

Calling out narrative around arrests of two Black men at Starbucks.

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Disclosure: I am not a Starbucks customer because (a) I refuse to pay $5.00 for a Cinnamon Dolce Latte-Venti and have to put my own cinnamon; and (b) the company is owned/run by Progressive buffoons.  Their politically correct stance is that of a coward, intended to appease and, therefore, unworthy of my dollars.

Moving on…

In most restaurants, the restrooms and the tables are of these businesses not open to be people who just want to hang out.  So what is the problem and why do people immediately pull out the race card as in last week’s incident when two men (Black) were arrested in Starbucks.

The men who were not customers refused to leave Starbucks when asked.  The situation escalated from there and now race baiters are creating chaos.  Even worse, the manager who called the police is now out of a job and the two men arrested are playing up their sense of entitlement.

One more thing, why are Black people allowing themselves to be led by the nose by young white Marxists?  (The woman who placed the video online labeling the instance “racist” is white.)

Published on Apr 15, 2018 on YouTube by Brandon Tatum

Two Black Men Arrested for Acting Entitled At Starbucks. Here is another example of African American men feeling that they are above the law. A major issue in the black community is the lack of respecting authority. This situation would have been a non-issue if these two black men would have just simply followed Starbucks protocol like everyone else. Also, If white people were not so afraid of being deemed racist or even feel a high level of white guilt, this video would have never been recorded. Starbucks being the cowardice organization they are, apologized for no reason. What a shame. This isn’t helping black people or anyone in America for god’s sake.


As mentioned above, Starbucks obviously shocked that their social justice efforts would return to bite them in the rear, did backflips and then ventured out onto an apology tour.

Peruse up and down Starbucks’ twitter feed and you will find that the usual suspects are now demanding reparations, etc. from Starbucks because it is never really about equality, inequality, whatever. It IS always about the MONEY and Starbucks’ leadership the politically correct cowards that they are would rather make a store manager their fall guy rather than point race baiters to the company’s“hey, I’m one of y’all” social justice pages.


Adding to the idiocy of it all, people now seeking out a place for breakfast, lunch or dinner, a meal at a restaurant with family members and friends will now find themselves put out and unable to find a table at restaurants thanks to a precedent that Starbucks has now set.

Restaurants will now become a loathers’ haven courtesy of failed social engineering policies.  Public “restaurant” bathrooms as bad as many can be are about to get even worse rather than restaurant owners risk a lawsuit.


Instead of accusing Starbucks of racism which appears to unfounded in this instance, why aren’t these race baiters calling out the company’s agenda to hire 10,000 Refugees by 2022, which will result in the elimination, correction replacement of Americans, many Black Americans in Starbuck’s workforce?


Doesn’t fit the narrative?


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