CUNY students shoutdown law prof ‘racist’ for supporting free speech

CUNY students shoutdown law prof ‘racist’ for supporting free speech

South Texas College of Law Houston (STCL) law professor, Josh Blackman was invited on March 29, 2018 by CUNY’s Federalist Society chapter to give a speech on “The Importance of Free speech” and as one has come to expect, Blackman had to take on hecklers and protesters as well who opposed the professor’s message and his right to free speech.

Campus Reform

Some students, however, were upset that Blackman was allowed to speak at their school, and showed up to the event holding posters proclaiming “conservative hate ≠ intellectual debate” and “Federalist Society is Racist. Josh Blackman is Racist.”

As Blackman entered the classroom to give his talk, the protesters followed him in, shouting “legal objectivity is a myth” and “he’s a white supremacist.”

As the protesters continued to disrupt his speech, Blackman recounts in an op-ed for National Review that a member of the CUNY administration threatened to discipline the protesters if they do not stop shouting over Blackman[…]

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God bless those Conservatives who venture into the belly of the beast.  These young brainwashed fascists, have no idea that freedom is not free, what our founders had to go through to get us here and what the men and women who served and continue to serve our country have sacrificed on our behalves.

You have to see this to believe it. Warning:  Moonbat alert, sprinkled with foul language.

If these moonbats were not so stuck on groupthink, they would learn something.


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