Has McConnell finally had enough of Democratic obstruction?

Has McConnell finally had enough of Democratic obstruction?

Here’s to hoping that someone has lit a match under Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell to get him moving on President Trump’s cabinet appointments.  The obstruction by those on the left is historic as is McConnell dragging his feet.

Power Line

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has finally displayed a sense of urgency in getting President Trump’s nominees confirmed. Earlier this week, he warned Senate Democrats that, if necessary, he would force senators to remain in session on Friday and possibly during the weekend to confirm a slate of six Trump nominees. The slate includes a nominee for a seat on the National Labor Relations Board, for the number two job at the Department of Labor, for a key post at the Environmental Protection Agency, and two nominees for district court judgeships.

McConnell’s new found aggression seems to be working. Today, the Senate confirmed Pat Pizella as Deputy Secretary of Labor. Pizella, a good pick, prevailed via the traditional Trump-era landslide vote — 50-48[…]

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