Senator Ted Cruz and Rep. Steve Scalise, among others, grilled Mark Zuckerberg yesterday and today.  Rep. Billy Long (R-MO) asked a question he said was directly from the vloggers and he held up a giant poster board with their picture, asking Zuck to identify them.

The question was: “Diamond and Silk have a question for you, and that question is: what is unsafe about two black women supporting President Donald J. Trump?”

Zuckerberg repeated a statement he has already made, “nothing is unsafe about that.”

Zuck told him he wasn’t “up to speed” on the issue.

Long warned him that Congress was “getting ready to overreact” with regulation. “I would suggest you go home and review all these other things people have accused you of today,” he said. “You’re the guy to fix this, we’re not. You need to save your ship.”

Facebook, better known as Obamabook, has filled up their senior level staffing with former Obama and Hillary staffers. CEO Zuckerberg knows full well that they’re biased and will continue to be biased[…]

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