Catch And Release Made No Sense

Catch And Release Made No Sense

The Lone Cactus

Think about this for a second. A guy goes into a bank with a gun. He makes everybody lay on the floor while a scared teller stuffs a bag full of money. Then, the robber runs out the door, and into the waiting arms of the police, who just arrived. They arrest him, take him to jail and book him. Ten minutes later, they release him. Oh, he was guilty as sin. He robbed a bank. But the cops had to release him because they were under orders to “catch and release” criminals.

Same thing happened with people that broke the law trying to get into our country. Under Bobo Obama, he so desperately thought (and incorrectly) that illegal immigrants would vote for Democrats just on the mere fact that he allowed them into the country, that he basically told the Border Patrol not to do their jobs. Catch the people, but let them go. Yes, they committed a crime. Yes, they did something illegal, but we are going to turn our back on that and not care. We are going to release them, knowing full well, that they are going to blend in to the 320 million other people living in this country, and if they are smart, they won’t commit a crime again, and they can become productive members of our society[…]

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