Fake Black Lives Matter Facebook Page w/700,00 Followers, Running Scam Shut Down.

Fake Black Lives Matter Facebook Page w/700,00 Followers, Running Scam Shut Down.

Ian Mackay (lower right) official behind above BLM page.

A fake BlackLivesMatter Facebook page allegedly run by an official of Australia’s  National Union of Workers, Ian MacKay (photo above-inset, lower right), has been suspended but not before taking in $100,00 USD in donations.

Nothing says, “there’s a sucker born every minute” like an ideologue being taken to the bank.

Patrice Cullors, co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement, is alledge to have lodged complaints with Facebook about the many fake Black Lives Matter pages but as I suspect, FB was more focused on purging Conservatives to address Cullors’ concerns.

scam alert?

Breitbart by Simon Kent

…The page garnered almost 700,000 followers — dwarfing the Black Lives Matter movement’s official page — before it was suspended by Facebook. It is alleged some of the bank accounts where the money was transferred were in Australia and it was unclear how much was provided to genuine causes – if at all.

The scam site is claimed to have collected money through online fundraisers and solicited more than $US100,000 in donations, according to a CNN report.

Ian MacKay, the official in question, worked at the hard left National Union of Workersand has dozens of websites related to black rights registered under his name, including blackpowerfist.com. Mr. Mackay did not respond to questions from CNN but said, “My domain name buying and selling is a personal hobby”[…]

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The trade union organizer has been suspended.  See Cullors tweets below:


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