Columbia U. student offended by Prof who said ‘Negro’ was correct 60’s term.

Columbia U. student offended by Prof who said ‘Negro’ was correct 60’s term.

What more proof does one need to know that Progressives are not interested in facts but rather the re-writing of history?

Case in point:  In the 1950’s and through mid to early late 60’s, Black Americans referred to themselves as “Negroes.”  Forgive me for not walking through the evolution to date.  I had the same conversation about 6 weeks ago with my 13 year old grand-daughter who was shocked.  She eventually got it which is why I’d rather move on except to say that somewhere around the 21st century, we ended up with phrase, Black Americans.

I, myself, use the term “American” or “unhyphenated American.”  I am an American above all else but I have noticed that the phrase “Black Americans” is now frowned on, as my niece and son said to me not long ago, it is because the color of their skin is “brown” not “black.”

Note: If it weren’t for those damned labels, none of this would be an issue in the first place.  Anyway….moving on.

Who would’ve thought that the once-acceptable label, “Negro” is now offensive so much so that there are those who deny its use or are triggered when the word is used in a school lesson.  Good grief.  Yes, it is an “outdated term” but when discussing the 1950’s, 1960’s, the term “fits.”

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Such a lesson has fallen on the deaf ears of a Columbia University who was “triggered” by a socilogy professor’s use of the word “Negro” during which the class was informed that the term was acceptable “when referring to people of color while discussing the 1960s.” [So, “people of color” is better?  Apparently, who ever came up with that term never heard the term, “colored people” but I’ll save that discussion for a later date.]

Back to the snowflake.  She sent the professor an email informing him of his “microaggression” (no kidding) and the professor failed to “check himself” (not a 21st century term).

It is at this point that Little Miss Snowflake “got triggered.” by Robby Soave

 “I didn’t pay attention in class after that,” the student, Maria Martinez, toldThe Columbia Daily Spectator.

Here’s some context: The professor is Todd Gitlin, a longtime leftist activist who served as president of Students for a Democratic Society in the early ’60s. He teaches a course in American studies.

“It is in fact true, a matter of historical record, that African Americans in the ’50s and ’60s wanted to be called ‘Negroes,'” Gitlin told The Spectator. “Denying that practice would be a falsification of history.”

That was just the lead anecdote of the Spectator piece, which discussed student complaints about their professors’ alleged microaggressions:

Sabina Jones, CC ’20, recalled a white professor saying the N-word when reading it in a racially-charged book in an English class. She said this experience made it difficult to engage in class for the rest of the semester.

“It’s hard to continue on, not knowing if you are welcome in a space completely or [if] people have the knowledge to welcome you to a space,” she said. “It creates a roadblock in continuing down the path that you want to continue on.”


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You may recall, two professors were run out of their universities for less.

and the police chief of Evergreen College:

Bullies and snowflakes are everywhere:

but every now and then, snowflakes receive a much-needed reality check.

Things have only gone since on our college campuses.


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