NY’s One Vote Away From Becoming a One-Party Socialist State

NY’s One Vote Away From Becoming a One-Party Socialist State

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New York has a Democrat-proof Assembly, a permanent Democrat Governor, and a barely Republican Senate. The Senate is actually a Democrat Senate but one Brooklyn Democrat voted to put Republicans in control to keep it from becoming a one-party State.

Currently, Westchester holds the future of the state in its control. There are 31 Republicans and 30 Democrats with two vacant seats in Westchester formerly held by Democrats.

Democrats have been in complete control in the past and when they were, they raised taxes $14 billion, added 123 new taxes and fees, and took $377 million out of Westchester schools.

Democrats have big plans if they win. They will pass more gun control laws, add suffocating and costly climate change laws, and a lot more spending on all of the Progressive – far-left – issues[…]

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