College Mills Are Selling Visas to Foreign Students

College Mills Are Selling Visas to Foreign Students

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College mills are selling visas to foreign students. These students aren’t vetted in any serious way.

Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, is confronting the Department of Homeland Security about a special program called the Optional Practical Training program (OPT) under which groups “pose as education institutions in order to secure visas for tuition-paying foreign students.”

“Visa mills are those marginal educational institutions that provide visas and work permits to foreign students, but little in the way of actual schooling,” according to the Center for Immigration Studies.

Senator Grassley sent probing questions to DHS and he gave them until April 13th to respond.

Many of these OPT workers are restaurant workers or in other jobs unrelated to their alleged college programs.

One of the questions concerned the long-drawn-out process used by DHS with Herguan University in Sunnyvale, Calif., whose president was arrested, tried, jailed for visa abuse, and released before DHS got around to de-certifying the school[…]

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