About those passports found on 9/11

About those passports found on 9/11



Cry and Howl by Steve Pini

Moving along here with some of the absurd explanations of the 9/11 Commission Report I think a lot of us remember that passports were ‘found’ at a couple of the crash sites. Lets take the guy Satam al-Suqami first.

This is the guy whose passport was claimed to have been found at the World Trade Center. You know, just laying there, unscathed in all the rubble.

At first the claim was made that it was found in the mess after the buildings collapsed. Now everyone knew this was way too bizarre to believe even for the most complete moron buying into the official government version. So, the 9/11 Commission had to come up with something, I guess not quite so ridiculous.

They changed the story to say the guy’s passport was found before the buildings actually collapsed. The guy crashed the plane into the building, he was in the cockpit, and the passport came out of his pocket at impact, escaped the plane’s cabin, floated down to the ground, and someone happened to see it and pick it up just before the building collapsed[…]

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