Veterans’ Tales is now Alive

Veterans’ Tales is now Alive

Editor’s Note:  In follow up to Vassar Bushmills post earlier this month entitled, ANNOUNCING: Veterans’ Tales, a website for Veteran’s by Veterans, please note that Veterans’ Tales is as of this morning live .  Below is your invitation. Feel free to stop on by and spread the word.



Ok, now come kick the tires at

We invite every veteran and child of a veteran to come visit and rummage through old letters and stored emails and photos and bring us some of the stories you recall from your tours, daddy or granddaddy’s, or from all those mothers, wives and sweethearts “who also served” by watching and waiting.

This will not be a political blog, but one cannot help but notice from recent events that the principal way in which the “love America” part of our culture is passed these days is through our connection to the military. It may be the only place left in America where the values of America are passed on institutionally.

Families of veterans are vastly outnumbered by the machine-like size of an education system hell-bent on destroying our ability to pass on naturally, from parent-to-child, to grandchildren, just what it means to be an American. So we will speak a lot about the “Passing On” aspect of that long line of military men and women in our histories, at Veterans Tales.

It’s one of several “Themes” Nessa and I are discussing, to create special sections at the site.

Another “theme” -, see just below Allen’s art of a Doughboy writing home from a bunker in France, you’ll see his BEER TENT, which is another, a place where vets can tell more ribald stories, as well as melancholy ones. Many beer tents end up being confessionals[…]

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