United Airlines’ not so friendly skies for canines?

United Airlines’ not so friendly skies for canines?

United Airlines (UA) is down three for three this week when it comes to public relations, actions and the mishandling of pets.

Last week, UA mistakenly sent a German shepherd to Japan.  The incident occurred just days before a French bulldog suffocated in the overhead bin of a UA flight from Houston, Texas to LaGuardia Airport, New York City.

Then on Friday, UA apologized when it was forced to divert a flight from Newark to St. Louis after placing another canine on the wrong flight.

New York Daily News

The dog, which had been packed into a carrier, was dropped off in Akron, Ohio, and eventually reunited with its owner.

United offered compensation to all of its customers aboard the diverted flight.

The airline on Tuesday similarly placed a 10-year-old German shepherd named Irgo on a plane to Japan instead of the one traveling to his intended destination in Kansas City, Mo. When Irgo’s owner arrived to pick him up she was instead met with a large great dane[…]

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On a personal note:

About twenty years ago, after traveling from LaGuardia Airport to Madison, Wisconsin with a stop-over in Minneapolis, I learned that my luggage was accidentally sent to Kentucky.  The airlines promised to deliver my luggage to the hotel where I was staying.

Things went downhill rather quickly when after two hours later, still wearing the clothes that I traveled in, the airlines delivered to my hotel room a luggage carrier that resembled mine and a cat in a pet carrier?  I wasn’t traveling with a cat.

At that same moment, the airlines was delivering my luggage to the pet owner.  The incident was so distressing that I went the extra mile to speak with the cat’s owner in Kentucky by phone to assure him that no harm, as far as I could tell had come to his cat.

I found out a day later that the poor thing was hours later re-united (no pun intended) with its owner.  For the record, the incident did not occur on United Airlines.


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