This piece isn’t really about Stormy Daniels since something at the basic trial court level of her claim against Donald Trump stinks. For starters, she and her attorney are asking a judge to void a “contract” between herself and Donald Trump that was never signed by Trump…thus, not a contract. Who does this—asking a judge to invalidate a contract that is not a contract?

The purpose of the suit seeks to allow Stormy to speak openly about her “affair” with Trump, while the contract-that-is-not-a-contract forbad her to do so?

See the problem?

And assuming there’s a scintilla of truth to the “affair” (clue: lifting one’s skirt in a dark corner of an alleyway behind a diner is not an “affair”) why is Donald Trump’s attorney still in his employ? And why does Donald Trump not already own this lawyer’s law firm for the most egregious breach of attorney-client privilege known to Law?

But this isn’t about Donald Trump or the fair Stormy Daniels, although Stormy does meet the ancient and universal definition of “wench”, a woman of low repute one would not like to be seen with in public.

Instead, it’s about the very pedestrian sport of wenching, which has been a tribal rite among the world’s lower classes since feudal times. Save one notable exception since 1160 AD, wealthy, successful men, and the nobility, do not “go chasing women” (Jimmy Dean, 1959).

This piece is about where “wenching” places in a culture, not the poignant and nostalgic “common wenches I have known” variety (is there any other kind?), but straight up social anthropology.

It was one of my good fortunes to be part of an advance team sent to Korea by our three-star general, (a man in history books) to survey the brothels around Oijongbo, near the DMZ, as the guests of the Korean Business Women’s Assn and several House Madams. Quite a tour.

Parents back home would have not looked kindly on knowing that the Army actually regulated (sort of) this tawdry trade that seduced their sons every payday, but every saloon serving military members in the ROK had an inspection card at the front door indicating the current VD rate for that establishment[…]

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