The Results of the Feminist Movement

The Results of the Feminist Movement

I had a debate with a neighbor yesterday about the Me Too movement, social justice warriors and the Second Amendment.  Fortunately, we only run into each other a few times a year and it’s a good thing too because after 15 minutes, I was as done with her as she was with me.

For someone who stated more than once, “I know because I read,” Mrs. Useful Idiot has no idea of the threat in her beloved social justice movement that with a bit of bad luck could destroy her son or her social justice nephew attending Dartmouth.

All Along the Watchtower

Immediately, one thinks of the radical feminist movement in association with abortion, egalitarianism and man-bashing in its most distorted and perverse sense. For we see, within this cry of victimhood, an assertion that women should properly have advantages never before heard, or even presumptuously assumed, by any human individual.

Most prominently is the cry for blameless, guiltless sexual promiscuity by demanding (and getting) free contraception and abortions from the government; for they want the same freedom as men to be promiscuous without guilt or blame. Their diabolical claim that every woman has a right to end her pregnancy by killing an unborn child so that they may not be inconvenienced by motherhood is, at least in the moral realm, the epitome of self-indulgence and the most fundamental attack on their own feminine nature. For they are teaching and being taught to take the yoke of their feminine nature off their back. Congratulations, for you have remade women into a bizarre creature that is neither male nor female but a concoction of both natures. There is nothing feminine left in Feminism and they have become undesirable to men just as men have become the target of their hatred and wrath. And many men who have heeded their example have become more effete (their manly traits replaced by the natural traits of women)[…]

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