Media step back from Democrat ‘blue wave’ predictions

Media step back from Democrat ‘blue wave’ predictions

The Communist media complex took a moment this week to ponder that “blue wave” they’ve been predicting because as indicated in the past, the opposing party of a newly sitting president always had it’s clocked cleaned in the mid-term elections. Blah, blah, blah, blaaaaaahhhhhh.  Besides. the polls tells them so. Oh and for 15 plus months, the Communist media complex espousing the talking points have been handed down to them by the Seventh Floor says so.

Mind you, these are the same polls, bureaucrats, deep state and globalists media complex that for two years lied to voters and popped the cork early for a champagne victory in the 2016 presidential elections because they were as out of touch with everyday men and women in America as they continue to be today.

Washington Examiner by Eddie Scarry

The national media are scaling back their prediction for a Democratic “blue wave” in the 2018 midterms, in light of a new poll that shows some Democrats are vulnerable and a healthy GOP turnout in Texas this week.

Fueled in part by Republican-backed tax cuts that increased the paychecks for most people, Republicans and President Trump have seen their own poll numbers rise, and what was previously viewed as a coming reckoning by Democrats has stalled.

The website Axios on Thursday published a poll that showed “big warning signs for Senate Democrats.” It noted that in 10 states where Democrats are defending Senate seats, a Republican opponent polls either ahead or close to the Democrat in five of those states (though in most of the races, the GOP has not chosen its nominee yet)[…]

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Rock on Texas.  Although Progressive voters, legal and mostly a wave of illegal of illegal aliens voted “illegally” in last Tuesday’s election much like they did in the 2016 presidential election, elections before and after in overwhelming numbers, they were overwhelmed by Republican voters.

Then there is President Trump’s approval ratings courtesy of being the first candidate in I don’ know how long to keep his promises and “tax cut reform.” How dare Texas voters not take “Stormy Daniels” and the “me too” propaganda into consideration.  What is wrong with Republicans?  Why they are foresaking their children? women?  How could they? (Sarcasm here, Republican voters have finally figured Communists out.)

…The Democratic nominee, Beto O’Rourke, got 641,324 votes, while Republican Sen. Ted Cruz got 1,317,450.

Those two events had many in the press paring back their predictions for a blue wave.

The Washington Post’s Amber Phillips wrote that those results showed that “momentum is on the Democrats’ side, but no wave is guaranteed”[…]

Eight years of suffering, job loss, forced into part-time jobs, part-time wages and going on to the government dole, not to mention that horrible yet painful Obamacare under that derelict Barack Obama who has divided America to such a horrid state that continues to lingers in the hearts, minds, pocketbooks and on the dinner tables of many Americans.  True that things are getting better under President Donald Trump, economically, but there remains much to catch up on.  Eight years of setback will not dissipate over night.  Thus Americans must be mindful when we vote.  We must be mindful to vote and of whom we vote for.

In the meantime, the so-called pundits, their comrades in globalists media, Communist bureaucrats and NeverTrumpers continue to hold on to and stand by the tattered “American voters are feeble ” meme.



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