From My CP: From My Cold Dead Hands and More Broken Oaths

From My CP: From My Cold Dead Hands and More Broken Oaths

Courtesy of Tony’s Takes-Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Unified Patriots by Nessa

My son and I have been hunting coyotes again this winter. Winter is when their fur is “prime” to borrow a term from the old west trappers. It’s thick and beautiful that time of the year. That is how they stay warm after all. I have an awesome coyote hat with its dead face on the front just above the bill, but a new one wouldn’t hurt my feelings. My Dad wants a coyote skin to hang in his house in South Dakota, he traveled there to hunt them a few times when I was young. Coyotes are an invasive species here, they were extremely rare in these parts when I was a kid. Now they’ve taken over, there are no more jackrabbits to be found and foxes are extremely rare. The jackrabbits have been eaten by the coyotes, the jackrabbits were the primary source of food for the foxes but now they have to find other things to eat. That’s easier for them when they don’t have to compete with coyotes. I don’t like ’em, I make it a habit to shoot every one I see. We tried all winter last year with dying rabbit calls and a coyote call that we’d bought. Apparently when we blew those calls they still had a redneck accent, like somebody from NYC driving through West Virginia and being asked at the gas station, “Would’cha lak me ta check yer ool?” The coyotes reacted the same way, WTF, I didn’t know my car had ool. So we bought a fancy remote control call. It’s got dying rabbits, coons fighting with coyotes, threatened coyote pups, and a few other useful calls. We haven’t had any luck with the coyotes yet but last week we set up in my Dad’s blind and pushed the dying rabbit call. Just as fast as we pushed it snow shook from the branches of the trees and there was a Great Horned Owl lookin’ for a meal. I’ve never been ten feet away from one before, what a beautiful, majestic beast. My son’s phone doesn’t do it justice but the grey misty look to the photo is the shitty weather rearing its ugly head. Just when I hate the cold and the snow with a white hot fury something beautiful comes out of nowhere. I wish you could have seen it breathing and looked into its eyes like I did.

It’s easy to get sucked into hatin’ life when its dark driving to work and dark driving home, it’s too damn cold to be outside for more than half a cigarette. The dogs can’t go for a walk because the snow and the cold hurts their feet. Walking with the dogs is one of our joys but its with-held from us six or seven months of the year[…]

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