God is good if Oprah says so

God is good if Oprah says so

Cry and Howl by Steve Pini

Ah yes, conservatives are just so hypocritical!  They cling to guns and Bibles and embrace those dastardly so-called “rights” mentioned off-hand and antiquated now in the Constitution.  Now liberals, that’s a whole different kind of hypocrisy.  This will be brief as most of us already know the intolerance of Democrats / liberals … progressives, socialists, Marxists, “ists” of every make and model.

Here’s a good one. Just a few weeks ago Vice President Pence was mocked and scorned because he’s a man committed to Christian values and believes in God and tries to live his life accordingly.  He won’t place himself in any compromising situation, and won’t even give the appearance of doing something unsavory … such as having dinner with a woman without his wife present (he got mercilessly bashed over that one).  Side note here, perhaps we could ask a whole bunch of men how something like that worked out for them, LO freaking L!

The women who sit around cackling on The View suggested the Vice President has a “mental issue” because of his religious convictions. Hmmmmm … Oprah, a while back gave some kind of rousing speech at the Golden Globe Awards ceremony (you know, where loony actors and celebrities give themselves awards for … well … being phony people). Suddenly she’s “presidential” and the leading candidate for the Democrat Party, the one who can easily defeat the despicable Donald Trump. She’s rich, a female, witty, popular and above all … black!

And now we find out that if God tells her, she will run for President. HUH? Enough about that, liberals will find a way to say, “Oprah talks to God = good. Mike Pence talks to God = bad and mentally unstable.” Even the HuffPost couldn’t bring themselves to portray Oprah negatively regarding her, “if God tells me to” statement. After all, such criticism is reserved only for President Trump and conservatives[…]

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